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Pen refused to be drawn aside. She began mildly: "Now that this business is over, I hope there's no objection to my going away for a little while."

Pen was shaken. "Would you really take me on such terms?" she murmured..
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"You think maybe some maiden's fancy has been caught by his good looks?" he sneered.!
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"When it is safe ... To-morrow night I think.".

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"Um! Humph! Ha!" he snorted. "What will become of your reputation?"
For instance, she was carried down to the old steamboat wharf which had likewise been mended. As the automobile turned in front of the wharf the speed-boat drew alongside with Riever in it. They leaped to the Island. As they stepped out of the boat, before them was the car to take them to town, waiting with its engine running. Pen saw at once that it was not one of the ordinary cars used to carry Riever's mail back and forth, but a vehicle imported for this occasion. It was an astonishing car of foreign make, long and rakish in line with an immense aluminum engine hood and a smart, diminutive, coup茅 body. In other words, it represented unimagined power to carry around two little plutocrats; the last word in luxury. The driver rode outside.
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The best!