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I went to various other places, but there I could not even get a bit of bacon. So I made up my mind to starve for the present, and to make inquiries here and there about families whose acquaintances or friends had asked me to do so through the editor of De Tijd.

Everything of value had been stolen from them: 107horses, cows, sheep, carts, bicycles, everything, everything!鈥攐nly in some cases payment was made with tickets, which might be cashed after the war. During the night the German soldiers slept in the rooms, but the inhabitants鈥攎en, women, children, babies and sick persons鈥攖hey locked in barns and cellars, which they boarded up..
My mysterious companion touched my shoulder198 and asked whether we should not go on. "All right," I said, and we got in again..
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In those first days many civilians were killed, and not only in Vis茅, but still more in the surrounding villages, Mouland and Berneaux, which were soon burnt down and where many a good man was brought low by the murderous bullets. The savage soldiers killed the cattle also, and a large number of carcases had been lying about for days.?
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The cardinal's face was overclouded suddenly, and quietly he answered:!
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"Very well, sir, then I shall go there!".
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"8. de Ponthi猫re, member of the Town Council..

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They made also sad havoc of the Boulevard de Namur. Many mansions of the aristocracy had been destroyed and many people killed. There were corpses still lying on the Boulevard as I passed, all in a state of decay. The smell was unbearable and the sight loathsome, especially when I saw several drunken soldiers insulting the bodies of these unfortunate people.
The Germans had flung some more bridges across the river beyond Andenne, which had been used for the occupation of Namur chiefly, and lay idle now guarded by only one sentry. I left by the town-gate without any difficulties; the German soldiers jumped out of the way and stood to atten153tion, as soon as they noticed the Netherland flag flying at the front of the motor. To the right and the left of the gateway they had written in gigantic letters: "Newspapers, please!"
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