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Pete ministered to him with a strange devotion, which he carried finally to the pitch of putting him into his own bed. The absence of so many of the children did not make much more room in the house, as Reuben's ideas on sleeping had always been compact鈥攁lso there were the little boys, the new dairy woman, and a big store of potatoes. Pete's large untidy bed was the only available accommodation, and Albert was glad of it, for he had reached the last stage of exhaustion.

Chapter 5.
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"Half a dozen鈥攚illers. The real trouble will be gitting their roots out."?
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"I don't try and make it out. I see your point of view, but it's only 'in between' me鈥攁nd you鈥攁nd something greater."!
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"But don't you think he does?".
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Tilly was more frightened than ever. She had never heard anything about the great Gate controversy, and could not understand why Reuben was so angry with Albert. The verses seemed to her quite harmless, they[Pg 187] were not even about love. However, she could not disobey her father, so she ran and fetched Albert out of the corn-chamber, begging him to be careful what he said, "fur f?ather's unaccountable vrothered to-night about something.".

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"Maybe I want more than a kiss."
There was a pause. Reuben walked over to the window and looked out. Tilly stared at his back imploringly. If only he would help her with some word or sign of understanding! But he would not鈥攈e had not changed; she had forsaken him and married his rival, and he would never forget or forgive.
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