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They mounted the steep ascent down which he had come a few minutes before. The wind was at their backs, ruthlessly blowing them towards Bracebridge.

鈥楲et me know when she comes,鈥 he said. 鈥業 might be able to find her some job, if she still wants work. Perhaps your mother鈥檚 death has made her independent.鈥.
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A few small incidents during dinner rather surprised her; once Lady Inverbroom, in helping herself to some hot sauce let a drop of it fall on the fingers of the footman who handed it to her. Instantly she turned round in her chair and said in a voice of real concern (just as if the man had not been a piece of furniture), 鈥業 beg your pardon; I hope I didn鈥檛 burn you!鈥 After dinner again, when cigarettes came round, she was rather astonished at being offered one, and holding her head very high, turned abruptly away. No doubt it was a mistake, but there would have been words{166} at the Cedars next morning, if the parlour-maid had offered a cigarette to any lady. Indeed she was rather astonished that Lord Inverbroom lit his without first asking her if she minded the perfume.!
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鈥榊ou are wasting your time and mine, Miss Propert,鈥 he said, 鈥榠f you do not listen.鈥.
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鈥楢h, you鈥檙e just chaffing me,鈥 he said, 鈥榓nd there鈥檚 no harm in that. But I didn鈥檛 care for what Mr Silverdale would say. He鈥檚 naughty too, if he鈥檚 not going to ask poor Alice to marry him, when she鈥檚 recovered from her influenza. Or have you done as I asked you, and cut your daughter out yourself? That鈥檚 a joke too: one bad joke deserves another, Emmeline.鈥
鈥業 am infinitely distressed,鈥 he began. But Alice, with her temper rising to heights uncontemplated, interrupted him.
From the mere habit of pawing, he laid his hand on hers.
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