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541 Frederick, though now at peace with all the world, found no nation in cordial alliance with him. He had always disliked England, and England returned the dislike with interest. The Duchess of Pompadour, who controlled France, hated him. Maria Theresa regarded him as a highway robber who had snatched Silesia from her and escaped with it. Frederick, thus left without an ally, turned to his former subject, now Catharine II., whom he had placed on the throne of Russia. On the 11th of April, 1764, one year after the close of the Seven Years鈥 War, he entered into a treaty of alliance with the Czarina Catharine. The treaty was to continue eight years. In case either of the parties became involved in war, the other party was to furnish a contingent of twelve thousand men, or an equivalent in money.

On the first of May, 1747, Frederick took formal possession of this beautiful chateau. The occasion was celebrated by quite a magnificent dinner of two hundred covers. Here, for the next forty years, he spent most of his leisure time. He had three other palaces, far surpassing Sans Souci in splendor, which he occasionally visited on days of royal festivities. Berlin and Charlottenburg were about twenty miles distant. The New Palace, so called, at Potsdam, was but about a mile from Sans Souci. He had also his palace at Rheinsberg, some thirty miles north of Berlin, where he had spent many of his early days..
The assault was as sudden and resistless as the sweep of the avalanche. The Austrian division was annihilated. Scarcely a man escaped. This achievement was deemed a very brilliant367 passage of war. It cut the Austrian army in twain and secured its ruin..
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In the mean time, during the two years in which Maria Theresa was making these conquests, Frederick, alarmed by the aggrandizement of Austria and the weakening of France, while unavailingly striving to promote peace, was busily employed in the administration of his internal affairs. He encouraged letters; devoted much attention to the Academy of Arts and Sciences; reared the most beautiful opera-house in Europe; devoted large sums to secure the finest musicians and the most exquisite ballet-dancers which Europe could afford. He sought to make his capital attractive to all those throughout Europe who were inspired by a thirst for knowledge, or who were in the pursuit of pleasure.?
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534 On the 24th of November the belligerents entered into an armistice until the 1st of March. All were exhausted. It was manifest that peace would soon be declared. Commissioners to arrange the terms of peace met at the castle of Hubertsburg, near Dresden. On the 15th of February, 1763, peace was concluded. Frederick retained Silesia. That was the result of the war.
Character of the Crown Prince.鈥擲tratagem of the Emperor Joseph II.鈥擠eath of the Empress Catharine of Russia.鈥擬atrimonial Alliance of Russia and Prussia.鈥擠eath of the King of Bavaria.鈥擜ttempt to Annex Bavaria to Austria.鈥擴nexpected Energy of Frederick.鈥擟ourt Intrigues.鈥擯reparations for War.鈥擜ddress to the Troops.鈥擠eclaration of War.鈥擳error in Vienna.鈥擨rritability of Frederick.鈥擠eath of Voltaire.鈥擴njust Condemnation of the Judges.鈥擠eath of Maria Theresa.鈥擜necdote.鈥擳he King鈥檚 Fondness for Children.鈥擧is Fault-finding Spirit.鈥擳he King鈥檚 Appearance.鈥擳he Last Review.鈥擲tatement of Mirabeau.鈥擜necdote related by Dr. Moore.鈥擣rederick鈥檚 Fondness for Dogs.鈥擨ncreasing Weakness. 鈥擴nchanging Obduracy toward the Queen.鈥擳he Dying Scene.
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