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"And black," interrupted Mr. Crowther, with a coarse laugh. "Well, let us be thankful that Colonel Disney is not a nigger; and that there is so much the less danger of a burst-up at the Angler's Nest. And now, Baynham, with regard to this footpath across the wood, who the deuce will be injured if I shut it up?"

In spite of this contemptuous opinion, Mr. Crowther was always polite to Francis Colfox, and had even thought of him as a pis-aller for one of his daughters. There is hardly anything in this life which a self-made man respects so much as race, and Francis Colfox belonged to an old county family, had a cousin who was an earl, and another cousin who was[Pg 120] talked of as a probable bishop. He was, therefore, allowed to make himself very much at home at Glenaveril, and to speak his mind in a somewhat audacious way to the whole family..
"Well, one of your friends has come to you, one who would as gladly have come had you been in regions where the sun never shines, or where his chariot wheels scorch the torrid sands.".
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"But why not? Are you such a bad sailor鈥攊n spite of all Miss Leland says of you?".
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Tho doctor went back to his wife, with whom he always discussed everything, except purely professional matters鈥攖here were even occasions when he could not refrain from enlarging upon the interesting features of some very pretty case鈥攁nd was enthusiastic in his praise of Colonel Disney.
"I wonder whether he will ever think of me when he is a man?" she said musingly.
21 August, 2019 - 13:08
Same ! Who ever likes comics give me a reply
21 August, 2019 - 13:08
The best!